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Viaggio in Italia

Sleep, eat and drink
Accommodation in Italy in all its facets can range from extraordinary to poor. The places we stayed at are just too many to remember all of them. When traveling in Italy these days we prefer to stay in smaller, private boutique hotels. Distinguished restaurants and cozy trattorias are easy to find, after all Italy is a food paradise. A very special place we will always remember is the lovely Ristorante Emilia in Portonovo at the Riviera del Conero. Portonovo stands for the genuine Italian lifestyle, and Emilia for "cucina italiana" at its best.

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Market in Ancona

viaggio in italia     1982 - 1994

Josefina & Wolfgang Bleier
Austria, September 2012

We have recently browsed our old photo archives to remember our holidays in Italy in the good, old days. A selection of what we found is in the photo gallery linked on this page. It is photographs that we took during journeys to Italy in the eighties and nineties, photographs of places and nice people we like to remember when taking a trip down memory lane. When we look at these pictures after so many years we realise that life’s been good to us, even our wallets were much thinner than today.

Bernie in Italy

Italy is one of our favourite destinations whenever we feel it is about time to travel. The regions we like most are the widely known Tuscany, Le Marche and Umbria. Italy is not just famous for its vibrant way of life, delicious food, wines and noted landscapes, Italy has also a rich culture and history. It is home to the greatest collection of historical assets and art in the world, from outstanding paintings and sculptures to frescoes and architectural masterpieces. Not to mention the traditional festivities in large and small towns every now and then. Italian past and presence blend in a unique manner more than anyplace else, since Italians are not only proud of their cultural heritage but also strongly preserve it. Simply put, Italy sums up mediterranean lifestyle at its best.


In this melange of sympathies for Italy one reason stands out, why we love Italy so much: it is because food and cooking is a living passion and deeply related to traditions. Ripe tomatoes, aromatic herbs, olive oil, mushrooms and truffles, tiny sliced prosciutto, sheep cheese, fresh seafood and fish are just some of the delicious ingredients assembled with the minimum of fuss. Each local area has its "cucina tipica" with extraordinary flavours, and even prime restaurants offer dishes just like "Nonna" used to make.

It’s a good reason to go there now and then ...


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