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Photography - fuelled by passion
Analog Tape Recording
Inside Milky Way

Itchy Feet
California dreams (2018)
Puglia - Italy as we love it (2017)
The ease of being - in the Alps (2016)
The taste of Italy (2015)
Southern Styria (2014)
The sweetness of doing nothing (2013)
Um jardim no atlântico (2012)
Un viaje a Galicia (2011)
Venice (every now and then)
Impresiones de España (2010)
Summer in the City (2009)
Capri, pearl of the mediterranean (2008)
Italian Detour (2007)
Viaggio in Italia (1982-1994)

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Jazz Echo
Jazzinstitut Darmstadt
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Initially created to share information about analog tape recording on professional reel-to-reel tape machines, these days, every once in a while, is growing by pages dedicated to photography and travelogues about our journeys in Europe and elsewhere. You may find out yourself, and listen to Jazz classics on Radio Swiss Jazz while surfing on our pages.

By the time you read this . . .
we are back from a wonderful vacation in Southern California. After a few trips of our younger generation to California, it did not come as a surprise to us that Joanna and Michi were planning their wedding in the sunny Golden State. After Michi has asked for our blessings, as it is with all good Austrian men, his proposal was in the cards for quite some time . . .

Traveling is all about the experience, but capturing the experience on photographs is among the nicest things one can do when going on a journey - and we love it. And then there is also this on-going passion for recording Jazz on professional analog tape recorders, hence the name Capstan, which is that precision part of a tape recorder to keep audio tapes in perfect motion. Well, keep on movin' . . .

Oh, before I forget, is a Austria-based, private website.

So who's in charge?

Well, that's the three of us:
Joanna (creative director), Josefina (boss) and
Wolfgang (chief, cook & bottle washer)

Copyright © Wolfgang Bleier, Austria.