Revox B77 MK II high speed

Listen Radio Swiss Jazz

Analog tape machines are simply an amazing way to hear music. Listening to Jazz or to classical recording on such a tape, soundstage becomes so completely three dimensional with an incredible weight to the music.

It was and still is, friends of digital audio please pardon me, the best sound I have ever heard.

Revox B750 ... in unison with sound

The Revox B750 is truly a great unit, fast and transparent, with a solid bass. This amplifier transfers even extreme Crescendi from whisper to furioso in impressive purity. There is enough headroom and the sound is very spacious for stress-free listening all evening long.

It's a smooth-sounding and quiet winner, featuring fully buffered record outputs in the preamp stage (a rare and good thing, based on Studer ReVox's studio heritage), and a power amplifier with separate, complementary - symmetrical amplification of the positive and negative part of the audio signal. The B750's only weakness are its loudspeaker terminals that can barely take a bell wire.

Revox B750 amplifier and B760 tuner

In- & Outputs for two tape recorders (TAPE1 & TAPE2) and a TAPE COPY switch make the B750 the ideal amplifier for audio tape recording.

I still can remember when I touched the B750 the first time. It was a tactile feeling, simply impeccable. It all worked and clicked exactly when required. With its respectable weight of 13 kilograms its message was: “I’ll outlast you, sonny!”

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