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Database Structure

database structureThe simplified schematic diagram on the right shows the general design of relationships between the tables (primary and related tables) of Reel to Reel 2006 ©.

Each table in Reel to Reel 2006 © has one or more fields with primary key property, which requires input of unique values.
The tables of Reel to Reel 2006 © are in relationships as shown, some with enforced referential integrity in order to apply rules for secure data processing and to preserve integrity and consistency of the data.

The relationships between the tables of Reel to Reel 2006 © are ONE to MANY relationships.
That means for example: while the code of a music genre can exist only once in the primary table Music Genres, it can be saved many times in the related tables Record Archives, Audio Cassette Recordings and Open Reel Tape Recordings.

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