Revox B77 MK II high speed

Listen Radio Swiss Jazz

If you appreciate musical detail I can only recommend to go and get your professional analog tape machine, have it well aligned and calibrated, and listen to your music on this recording format that is vastly different from other formats of today.

Music must move us…, and it truly does, when we make sure that recording quality is as superb as we can get.

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a810 inside


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What made me do Reel to Reel 2006 ©
Understanding Reel to Reel 2006 © as a relational database
Sonic Perceptions... what to listen for ? (Master Tape Duplicates)
If my memory serves me right, it sounded better last time
X for extended... R for resolution... What makes JVC's XRCDs different ?
Analogue Tape Recorder Maintenance - an overview
Demagnetizing the tape path of a reel to reel tape recorder
Legendary NAGRA - "it will record"
The Studer A810 tape recorder explained in brief

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