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Music should move us, and it really does if we spare no effort in listening at best possible sound quality - provided the piece of music touches our musical instincts.

This website is about the virtues of analog audio tape and building tape archives by using the Reel to Reel 2006 © database application. It is made for those who share this passion, and it endeavours to encourage interested visitors to have a closer look on this fascinating, unique audio format.

Reel to Reel tape recorders not only revive the good old times of analog audio tapes in an appealing way. Due to their exceptional performance, prime quality tapes on professional tape machines are also a match for the finest audio equipment available today.

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The Studer A810 tape recorder has got a natural, vibrant sound, warm and highly resolved. It captures all the power, dynamics and delicate surrounding ambience. With such tape recorder you can master music, but not your growing passion for recordings on audio tape.

Audio tape recording - driven by opportunity, and fueled by passion

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Things took their course when I have spotted a well-preserved Revox B77 MKII ¼" tape recorder in autumn 2005. Somehow I got fascinated by these reels that induce musical sound while spinning in a circle. Kind of magic reminiscence of my childhood and these almost forgotten audio tapes on open reel. I wanted to have the B77, not only because of that certain something inherent in tape recorders, but for its sound that I liked so much. At that point I had no idea what passion I would develop over time.

Ignoring all advice that a tape recorder is somewhat like an old-timer car that needs ongoing maintenance and spare parts rare like gold dust, as well as fuel in the form of expensive audio tapes, I was ready to go for it. Today I'm almost sure that in the world of professional music production only few studio veterans, who miss the sonics of analog tape recorders, will admit to missing the considerable work that went with these machines. Even so, for fans of analog tape recording it is primarily about the characteristics of analog tape, about that certain warmth of a sweet, fat sound of analog tapes and wishing to hear the essence of what happened in the studio. As it seems there are many of us, who go to lenght to maintain their analog tape recorders. Regardless of the debate about the better recording format, analog or digital, analog tape recorders are masterpieces of audio engineering from the past, salvaged and looked after in a small niche of today's world of music.

Thanks for coming in. If you are searching the Internet for information about analog tape recording, you may find some of it here. Did you ever think of organising your music collection close to perfection? You can do this and enhance your tape recording sessions to a new level by using Reel to Reel 2006 ©. It is a handy database application to build archives for Record collections and Audio Tape recordings. The database originates from my passion to record Jazz and Blues classics on analog audio tape, and my aim for appropriate documentation of carefully arranged tape recordings. Reel to Reel 2006 © is FREEWARE developed by using Microsoft ® Access software and can effectively help those who own larger collections of Audio Tapes, vinyl Records and Compact Discs to organise and stay in tune with their archive. The database comes with a complete graphic user interface, including powerful tools for searching through the archives as well as features for stylish presentation of your musical arrangements on tape.

Well, possibly I am 40 or more years too late with this audio tape archive thing. But still, it's fun to join "the old" with "the new". You never know …, in 40 years from now there may be no more computers with impractical database systems in our homes, but still some of these wonderful tape machines, well maintained and looked after by us.

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