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The memory of a Studer A810

Analog tape recorders need regular cleaning and maintenance as well as professional calibration, if they are to work at optimal parameters in order to get the maximum sound quality out of the audio tape. Tape machine calibration is the process of matching the electrical characteristics of the machine to the tape you decide to use for recording.

studer a810 control panel

Studer's workhorse A810 is equipped with a rechargeable accumulator to keep the audio parameter in the RAM of the recorder after its calibration. My A810 had a NiMH accumulator pack made by VARTA (3/V150H 3,6V with 140mAh capacity) soldered on the MP Unit. The numeric code "063" printed on the plastic housing of the RAM accumulator pack shown here indicates its production in June 2003. The accumulator should be replaced by a new one before its capacity degrades when it reaches the end of its cycle life.

A810 worm's eye view

Should you use your recorder once in a while only, you may consider to leave your recorder switched on from time to time over night for full charging of the accumulator, in order to avoid loss of the audio parameters. If your tape recorder provides such feature, you should make a back-up of the audio parameters of your recorder on a tape or audio cassette and keep it in a safe place. Read this if your recorder suffers from loss of memory.

Should you need a new accumulator, contact VRI GmbH. You may find your accumulator also in one of the Conrad Electronic shops in Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

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