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Nagra 4.2

The NAGRA 4.2 is a portable, monaural full track 6.35-mm (¼ inch) analogue tape recorder designed for radio, cinema and television applications.

Nagra 4.2

While many modern productions now use their digital equipment, there are still analog purists who insist that vintage Nagra gear is unbeatable. Whatever the truth, these machines certainly are best examples of excellent audio engineering to reproduce exceptional, punchy sound.


Reel to Reel 2006 © is freeware. Download the Reel to Reel 2006 database file (accdb file) and the Reel to Reel 2006 Help file (chm file) to your computer and save both files in the same folder. Before using the Reel to Reel 2006 © database file for the first time, you should check and, if necessary, correct the settings of your Microsoft ® Access™ software continue. The complete guide for installation of Reel to Reel 2006 © and Microsoft ® Access settings you will find in the Reel to Reel 2006 © Help Center, or you can also download a detailed Installation Guide in PDF format.

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You may also download the above Trial Version download trial versions of Reel to Reel 2006 ©, which contains some data. With this trial version you may acquaint yourself with Reel to Reel 2006 © before you start using your empty database, as you can immediately browse through forms of the database to find out its features and test the print services.

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There are a couple of minor issues related with Access Runtime, which set Runtime apart from the licensed Access 2007. Two major differences however are that Runtime has no User Interface, which therefore must be provided by the application (such one like Reel to Reel 2006 ©), and that handling of errors in the VBA code and macros gives the user no option to stop an action in case of an error. If for example the user erroneously writes a duplicate value in a primary key field (e.g. a Tape No, or a Cassette-ID), Access Runtime shuts down if such error is not trapped by the code of the application. Reel to Reel 2006 © was tested for any such situations that could make Runtime shut down. Currently known errors that can't be trapped and handled by the database are 1) when you would try to save a duplicate of an existing Cassette-ID, 2) when you would try to lock/unlock a new, still empty dataset (record archive, open reel archive and cassette archive), and 3) when you would copy incomplete song details (with any empty field) from the Record Archive to a dataset in the Open Reel Archive. In all such cases Access 2007 Runtime shuts down due to error.

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